Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sneak Peak - Journey (PS3) Game

From the team that brought you an award-winning Playstation game titles flOw and flower, ThatGameCompany [TGC] is all busy with a whole new concept in gaming called - The Journey.
While most games bestows you with addictive feel of power and domination over your puny enemies who scream for mercy when they catch your glimpse, Journey is all set to do the exact opposite! Yes, the developers want you to understand how small we all are really all.

Here's what Jenova Chan, TGC's creative director says
"in the modern world where man has so much power, we have lost an integral aspect of the human experience – awe towards the unknown"

Only if we cared to look beyond whats visible, we would understand that we dont even compare to a tiny speck of interstellar dust in this wide universe of ours. The game is a simple open ended multi-player that hopes to instill you this feel when you play it. You are put into a huge world where you shall wander alongside other live players, meet them, join the party or say a hi and part ways. This game intends to unravel the inner emotion buried deep inside one's soul.

The game begins with you waking up in the middle of the dessert with only visions of distant tall mountains, urging you to set out and explore. Real world strangers who are wandering just like you, cross your path often from time to time. You choose to travel a lone rodeo or together with your live counterpart, unraveling a fresh new experience along the way.

Though one may guess, all multi-player games have live players, think again, they provide monotonic gameplay requiring you to complete missions. This is not one of those games, the Journey evokes a sense of awe and mystery that could be a whole new experience - refreshing and powerful.

The game is set to release somewhere around 2011.
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